What is Transcendence? Have you transcended?

We’re all transcended to some degree. You and I and the kids in the school playground and pretty much anyone older than a babe in arms. Transcendence is about consciousness, understanding. Taking conscious control of your life. If I offered you money, could you pee right now? Probably you could. Yet you also probably aren’t. As kids just about everyone learns to transcend their body’s urinary system, to take conscious control of it. Pretty much everyone learns to take conscious control of their emotions to some degree. To hold back anger, to suppress appetite, fight sleepiness.

Not everyone learns to take conscious control of their taste-buds, their posture and gait, their memory effectiveness, their awareness, in fact to take conscious control of their entire consciousness. Not everyone learns to use those skills to deliberately improve those skills themselves, causing an explosive feedback of consciousness.

That’s our plan. Yes, then, we are transcended. Since starting this institute we have become more transcended. There’s still remains a long way to go though.

Once you’re in control of your mind, you can meditate yourself into Religious Bliss any time you fancy, if that’s what you think “Transcendence” means. We think it’s more useful than just that.

Are you serious?

Yes. I mean, we’re not gonna stop making jokes, obviously. Transcendence doesn’t mean losing your sense of humour. Quite the reverse. But this is a genuine attempt to improve our awareness, memory, cognition, social skills, learning ability, empathic senses and generally increase our consciousness. To take conscious control of the input to our mind, and program it to become better than we are.

How are you increasing consciousness?

Practice, mostly. Practice and meditation, along with concentration and awareness and hypnosis and NLP and understanding and by using all those things to improve our use of those things.

We’re producing a guided meditation MP3 file every month, and an article to explain that meditation, encourage you to use it, and understand it, every week.

But this is all just metaphysical nonsense isn’t it?

Is it? Hypnosis and suggestion are real, documented phenomena. You can do operations on people without them feeling pain if you give ’em the right suggestions. Heck, you can cure their cancer with a sugar pill in the right circumstances. The placebo effect is a real, documented and well studied human ability. You have sometimes been more conscious, more alert, more aware than you are right now and you can learn to do that more often. To better use these genuine, physical, real mental forces consciously for your own benefit and the good of those around you. You can learn to brainwash yourself.

Wait. Sugar can cure cancer?

What? No. Of course not. The battle with cancer is literal fight within the body. Immune cells destroying cancer cells and cancer cells dividing and multiplying. If you make someone feel cared for, confident, strong, supported, active in their own fate, this affects their immune system and so influences the balance in that fight between the white blood cells and the out-of-control mutant cancer cells. Mostly that’ll make no difference. It’s a tiny effect. But if the balance between those two forces is already quite fine, on a knife edge then it makes a difference. Which is why cancer drugs have to be tested against a sugar pill placebo, to ensure the drugs works better than this.

The point isn’t that we can cure cancer. We can’t cure cancer. Transcended people can’t usually cure their own cancer let alone somebody else’s. The point is that the input your brain receives, the things it experiences, and even the particular things it focuses on and pays attention to, affect changes in that brain. That change can alter the hormones throughout the body, which can alter the actions of the immune system, and more. A sugar pill can make someone feel happier, cared for, which boosts their immune system, which fights the cancer more aggressively.

How can I help?

This website is still in a very embryonic state. We are busy people, with lives, jobs, friends, lovers and families to keep us away from the work. Please bear this in mind as you read. If you want to you can help us improve the website, and the institution in general, either by donating (you might pay us to take a day off work to work on the institute say) or by donating your music, graphics, writing skills, time and energy, even just by letting us know about all the spelling errors. Get in touch if you’d like to help.

Publishing Schedule

We post a new article every Friday, and a new guided meditation mp3 on the last Friday of each month.