Transcendence Spiral

The Transcendence Spiral is a mega-simplified 2 dimential map of every possible configuration of the brain. A model of all possible brain-software if you will. A diagram that attempts to translate the vague and fuzzy hyper-volumes in the at least seven dimensional human psy-space onto a two dimensional planar wheel.

It’s like a map of the world, neglecting to show all the countries, let alone the cities, farms, buildings, people, rats, ants, bacteria and viruses. It’s a gross simplification indeed. But even a kid’s atlas can be useful for planning a round-the-world tour.

The transcendental state is represented in the middle of the wheel, surrounded by the seven base skills which are needed to achieve transcendence. The wheel further breaks down each of the base skills into three components, all essential components of that skill.

We are exploring each of these twenty one components of transcendence, learning to understand and manipulate our minds to enable us to improve our skills in each, moving our own mind configurations towards the centre of the map.

Obviously each of the components is likely to need a different approach, but in general, as a first line of attack, it seems that practice and visualisation are the most efficient ways to reconfigure our brain, so we start by using NLP visualisation techniques. We practice these techniques before bed in the hope that we can also effect our sleep since it seems that our brains reconfigure themselves during our dreams.

We are producing guided visualisation and imagery programs to help us through this process, and links to free copies of those programs can be found in the following pages.

How to use our visualisation guides.

The audio files should be listened to in a relaxed state, with eyes closed some time when you will not be disturbed. We recommend listening in bed before drifting asleep, so that you are more likely to effect your dreams, and accelerate your learning. Don’t worry if you fall asleep before the end, your subconscious will still be listening. The tracks end with suggestions about a good long and refreshing sleep, so you may even sleep better as a result.

We do not recommend the use of psychoactive or psychedelic drugs while listening to these audio tracks. While ketamine and LSD may enable you to better reach the trance-state, and to access the brain-changing abilites of the dream-state, their repeated use can be dangerous and their unsupervised use alarming. If you do insist on using chemical aids, please do so only rarely, more usually listening with a clear mind that can more easily be totally aware of the changes as they happen.