Epilogue – Epilogue

by pre., Friday, December 31st, 2010.


Your path from here is entirely in your own hands. If you have learned well, you’ll continue to meditate as often as possible on ways to improve your own mind, your awareness, memory, consciousness, body control and knowledge, cognition, bio-programming, social skills, and ethics.

I tried not to do this too much during the course of these four volumes, but to speak personally here at the very end of this course, I can say that I, Adam Priest, the author of all these meditations and books on Transcendence, have benefited greatly from writing them. From practising mind-control skills on myself, from planning and pursuing the development of my own mind and character.

I don’t know if just reading and meditating along will have the same affect on you as designing, writing and meditating has had on me. If not, I certainly encourage you to begin your own investigations. To read everything you can get your hands on which might help improve your consciousness. And to write about your experiences, as I have done here.

If you do, I’d love to read it.

This project has helped me learn who I am, and what I want to be. It’s given me the confidence to go out and try new things, to experiment with my world and learn to improve my self.

I started with a vague aim to explore methods of self development, and have discovered what I now consider to me my aim in life.

As this project comes to a close I don’t expect to miss it, nor to stop trying to improve and learn about myself and the world I live in. On the contrary, I expect to continue to learn and grow, and look forward to transferring some of my attention from this project into the next.

If I’ve helped you, then I am very pleased to have done so. I am even more pleased to have helped myself, to have become more, to understand myself and the species better.

I find myself feeling more in control of my destiny than I suspected possible. More self possessed than I have ever felt.

When I look at the world now, I think I see it with a new depth, a new accuracy, and a new appreciation of the fact that there is a me to see it. That I am here, in this world, enjoying being a part of it and hoping to make it better.

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We are proud to announce the fourth and final volume of the Transcendence Spiral is now available in paperback book and CD format from our books page. Summarising the meditations from this final lap around the spiral, the book and accompanying CDs are polished up versions of the text you’ve already read here on the web. If you’ve found it helpful, consider buying it as a gift for a friend!

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  • Use your memory to improve your whole
  • Use your consciousness to improve yourself
  • Become aware of your body affecting your mind
  • Cognitively improve your mental skills
  • Increase your ability to change yourself
  • Use your social skills to improve your self
  • Integrate your ethical views with your self
  • Transcend through combining mental skills.

Each meditation is accompanied by essays to describe how it works and how each of the skills combine to improve each other. The fourth volume of four is dedicated to walking meditations, using excercise and self awareness to improve your mind

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