Welcome To The Transcendence Institute

Friday, February 1st, 2008 at 12:40 pm.
by pre.

Welcome to the Transcendence Institute. As our about page says, we’re interested in finding the fastest, most efficient route to transcendence, using whatever knowledge and tools modern science can provide.

What is transcendence?

At this point, it’s hard to say. Many seem to think it’s about seeing through your idea of things, and into their true nature but of course this is clearly impossible. You can refine your idea of things, you can make your idea of things better reflect reality, but you can never see anything but the contents of your own mind. You can’t see what a tomato “is”, only how it appears to you, only your body’s representation of it’s projection onto your retina, the signals it sends through your fingers as you touch it and your taste buds and smell receptors as you taste it.

Yet there are enough descriptions from the Buddhists, Hindu, Kabbalah, Christian Mystics, Druids, Yogis, Sufis, Confusions etc. for us to know that there is something, and that at the very least it feels good.

We assume that transcendence is a result of improving mind-skills. Of seeing, better, feeling more consciously, thinking more clearly and developing your ability to program your own brain to this end.

So we’re aiming to improve a whole list of abilities in ourselves, and we think that improving each will lead to improvements in all the others.


Principally though self-hypnosis, NLP, visualisation, practice and understanding. We are aiming to work on one skill each month. We will release an mp3 designed for guided meditation, to keep you focused on a visualisation task, on the first Friday of each month. We will also publish an essay on every Friday examining the process in more detail, explaining how these files are designed to help.

We have already built a skeleton map of the process, which you can see on these pages. We will flesh out this rough map as we explore each skill in turn.

Remember, we’re exploring these ideas together, the whole process is a voyage of discovery, and since each of us is different each of us will have different results. Please add your comments, let us know how you get on if you’re joining us in this voyage. Perhaps, as you learn our techniques, you’ll write essays and build visualisation files of your own, which we’ll be glad to see on our forums.

We launch on this, the first day of the second month of 2008, with the first of our planned files designed to increase awareness, along with a summary of how our visualisation guidance files are designed to work I’m sure we’ll enjoy the journey, and hope you’ll join us, it’ll be more successful if we travel together.