Awareness – Integration – The Meditation

Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week’s guided meditation is a walking meditation designed to be listened to while you take a ten minute stroll (or, listened to more than once during a longer one, or listened to for ten minutes out of your longer walk). It should be played through a set of earphones plugged into a personal music player of some kind.

Obviously, since you’ll have to be conscious and alert enough to avoid walking in front of a car or tumbling down a mountain, you won’t be trying to get into a hypnotic trance as such in this final lap. By now you should be advanced enough to be able to become suggestible while still remaining alert. You’ll allow yourself to lower your credibility filters, and to follow the thoughts of the guided meditation, and also to be alert and observant enough of your surrounding to become inspired by them. To see how your world fits in to the patterns you are building in your mind. To see how the real world relates to the abstract ideas you are listening to, and thinking along with.

As you listen, you’ll be instructed to try and pay extra intense attention to the world around you. To look at the sky, see the way the colour changes across the dome of the atmosphere, to examine the things around you and to pay extra close attention to their shapes, colours, sounds, textures, actions. You’ll allow these things, and the words you’re hearing, the thoughts you’re thinking, to affect you, to make suggestions and help your brain’s connections grow.

As you become more accustomed to this hyper-aware state, you’ll be encouraged to take note of the way your surroundings change your emotional states, the way the things you walk past make you feel, the way those things change your awareness.

You’ll think about the objects which you can see, and ponder the difference between your perception of the object and the object itself. Even between your perception of it and the model of it which lives in the map in your mind. This will help you to increase your understanding that the world is not how you think it is, nor how you perceive it, and will help you refine your model of the world, make it more accurate.

In that model, of course, arguably at it’s centre, is you, your self image, your self awareness, your sentience. You will ponder this fact for some time, and wonder how accurate your own model of your self is.

You’ll ask yourself what kind of person you are, and what kind you’d like to be. You’ll re-imagine your self image, resolving to improve and remembering and reliving examples from your recent past that show you’re on the right track. Times when you have done as you resolved.

Finally, you’ll turn your attention back to the world as you see it, enjoying being present in a world as vibrant, colourful, noisy and alive as the one you see.

Guided Meditation File 26 – Awareness – Integration
Backing Music “Protogen” By M.M.S. Project
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