Memory – Integration – The Mediataion

Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week we present our second guided walking meditation. Designed once again to be listened to while you take a short stroll. Perhaps just your walk to work, or to the pub. Perhaps a stroll around the park or a hike through the woods. So long as it’s more than ten minutes long, wherever you’re walking, whatever environment you’re walking through, will be fine. You should have the meditation plugged into your ears though a personal music player of some kind, concentrating on the words and focusing your mind as directed. If you do so you’ll be spending ten minutes of your walk practising using your memory, and so improving your memory encoding, storage and recall.

Ambulation Preamble

To begin with the meditation will have you relax into your gait, check your posture and facial expression, look around you and start to become more suggestible, preparing yourself for the rest of the meditation


For the next few minutes you’ll look at the things you’re seeing in your journey, notice them intensely and place them into your Loki map. Over and over again, placing things into your Loki map so that you will be able to recall them later. Repeating the process until you have stored ten of the objects you pass, be they roadside litter, street-signs, clouds, birds or buildings.


The few minutes after that you’ll go through the loki map again, remembering not the things you’ve just stored but all all the other things in your map. The eels, the characters, the animals and slime as well as whatever else you’ve stored there over the course of your daily life. The aim is to refresh all these memories so that they don’t fade, they stay with you until they are no longer needed.


Then, eventually, for the last few minutes, you’ll run though that loki map for the third and final time. This time you will concentrate on the items you saw earlier in your walk, the street-signs and birds and buildings and whatever else your wondering attention focused on during the first part of your walk. Practising recall, checking how well you stored these objects in memory to start with.


When you have practised this meditation a few times, you’ll likely want to try it without the voice-over guiding you though the process. Whenever you find yourself walking around, you can practice and refresh your memory skills, always improving, so that those improved skills can feed back into the rest of the spiral, pushing your onwards towards transcendence.

Guided Meditation File 27 – Memory – Integration
Backing Music “Fly Away” By Pretonika
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