Body – Integration – The Meditation

Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week we introduce another guided walking meditation, intended to be plugged into your brain through earphones while you stroll around your neighbourhood or wonder home from work or potter through the countryside. For ten minutes or so of that walk, it should help focus your thoughts and improve your awareness and control of your body.

In order to increase your body awareness, you’ll of course simply practice paying attention to your body. As you’ve learned, practising something makes you better at it and the more your practice the better you will become.

You’ll walk with a typical high-confidence highly relaxed posture, even exaggerating those movements, while concentrating on how those movements are reflected around your nervous and endocrine systems. You’ll walk tall, chin up, a smile on your face and your shoulders thrown back, swinging your arms confidently. And most importantly, you’ll pay attention to how that changes your awareness, your mood, your consciousness.

You’ll experiment with the oxygenation of your system, breathing more deeply and quickly than usual, hyper-oxygenating your blood and paying attention to how that feels, learning to distinguish and become used to elevated oxygen levels. Most people tend to breathe too shallowly, too briefly, without filling their lungs with the life-giving air around them. You’ll practice overcoming this habit by exaggerating the opposite.

Before that makes you feel dizzy though, you’ll try experimenting with gait. Slowing down your walk and paying attention to how your body responds to that, how it makes you feel, noticing how each limb responds to the change in pace, how the pressure on the joints changes, their creaks and groans.

Then you’ll try the opposite, walking faster than usual, maybe even a light jog. All the time paying attention to your body, learning to listen to it more closely, learning to be more aware of the signals it’s sending you.

Finally you’ll once more revert to your relaxed, smiling pace. Striding through your world broadcasting confidence and self assured happiness. Still paying attention to how you’re holding your body, how it’s responding, and trying to take those movement patterns and neural habits out into the rest of your life.

Guided Meditation File 29 – Body Awareness – Integration
Backing Music “The Little Hacker” By Tawny
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