Bio-Programming – Integration – Self Programming

Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

Our excercise-meditation on Bio-Programming in lap two was dedicated to self programming, your ability to consciously tune and adapt your mind, to build a brain which reacts the way you would want your brain to react.

You noted that your brain is being programmed constantly by the world around you, by random happenstance and whatever luck sends in your direction, not to mention by nefarious souls who would manipulate you into buying their products or scamming you out of your money and time.

We decided that since your brain is being programmed by association and your own imagination whether you like it or not,, it seems irresponsible not to take some charge over that programming.

You will remember some of the techniques which we examined for taking that control, for becoming more in charge of the development of your own mind. We tried using visualisation and imagination to associate things together in your brain. We directed your focus, directing your attention and memories towards events chosen with regard to the effect they will have on your mind. Thinking of happy memories to become happy. Re-watching practice sessions over and over again to redouble their actions on your neurons. Mantras or verbal ticks to encourage certain states of mind, especially trying to avoid overly negative or self-critical ones. Even self hypnosis and recording self-guided meditations to cue your mind to remember to follow complicated self-programming plans.

Given that the whole premise of the Transcendence Institute’s guided meditations is to help you use your self-programming skills to train your brain towards a more transcended, self-aware, conscious, thoughtful and sentient state, you won’t be surprised to hear that the Transcendence Institute thinks self-programming can help to improve all the transcendence skills, and indeed that it has done so in a less conscious way throughout the evolution of mankind.

Awareness and consciousness themselves evolved as a mechanism to focus a creature’s brain on the most pertinent aspects of it’s environment. To learn not just any old random connections between senses but the most relevent and appropriate associations. To direct the course of neural learning by amplifying the effect of the most apposite stimulus. This is the very meaning of self-programming, directing your brain to learn the appropriate things. You can do this with more care and rigour if you become more aware of the process itself, direct your attention to learning how your brain learns, how it directs it’s attention. This is the essence of the path of transcendence since mind first evolved, indeed it’s likely how mind first evolved.

Self directed processes not only build your memory as your brain grows, they then in turn rely on that memory in order to improve themselves further. You can’t learn to program yourself if you don’t have a memory in which to store the lessons.

The act of cognition, of thinking, is a self-programming technique. To cogitate on a conundrum or ponder a problem is a deliberate system for getting a brain to figure out how to change itself, how to come to a decision. These processes are learned though the actions of a neural network programming itself, and as it learns these processes it gets better at them. Thoughts appear at the end of a long chain of neurons learning how to program each other.

Slowly, over the course of millions of years of evolution and again over the course of your own life so far, computational networks have evolved which can program each other to behave in ways which make that network of cells, your brain, have conscious thoughts.

It does this because conscious thoughts are the best way to ensure good bio-programming, which ensures survival. When those conscious thoughts turn to learning how to master that process, how to best learn to understand it and to take advantage of it, to turn it ever tighter upon itself, there’s an explosion of transcendence which leads from dumb bacteria up through the aeons to modern man. A species that is just learning, now, to understand the process, engineer it, improve it.

Self Programming is exactly what the Transcendence Institute is dedicated to, the reason for it’s existence.