Bio-Programming – Evolution – The Mediation

Friday, September 24th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This month we have been examining bio-programming, the way it’s possible for you to influence your own brain, and to some extent the brains of others. Indeed, how the brain builds and programs itself, both through evolutionary history (from the moment brains first evolved to the modern era) and again in your own personal history (from the moment you were born to this very day). At every stage minds have developed ways in which they can most easily program themselves, each step teaching that mind, leading it towards improved performance in the next step.

Our meditation this week is designed to help you to visualise that process, to see it in action and eventually to feel what it feels like to allow your brain to program itself into increased concentration, increased focus, increased self-programmed transcendence.

As usual during this last lap, it’s a ten minute walking mediation, to be listened to while strolling around your neighbourhood, perhaps just walking to work or off towards the school to pick the kids up. Even walking home from the pub if you’re not too drunk to concentrate. Your walk may well be longer than ten minutes, but at least you’ll spend ten minutes of it improving your self-programming skills, and thus speeding your path through transcendence.

The meditation asks you to visualise, in as much detail as you can, as vividly as you can, the entire history of the Earth. Trillions upon trillions of creatures, of nervous systems, with only those that can best learn and adapt managing to survive and reproduce.

You’ll see how brains which were better able to concentrate, to focus, to have awareness, were all selected for since that ability to focus allows an increase in the direction and power of learning, of self-programming.

Then you’ll spend a few minutes visualising, recalling and where necessary just imagining, the same process as it happened in your own personal mind. It’s pre-natal growth from just a few interconnected neurons as you learned to control your limbs, your muscles. Test signals and directed focus teaching your eyes and other senses how to interpret incoming signals from your sense neurons. Learning how to model and understand the world, how to communicate with the others you found in it, focusing on them, learning language and culture from them. Learning how to be a conscious, directed human being.

Finally you’ll imagine the results of applying that self-programming process to the process of self-programming itself. Focusing your attention on your focus, attending to your consciousness. Learning how it works, how it acts, how best to treat it, how to improve and control your very mind.

You’ll take note of how this feels, how attending to your own consistences affects the mood and emotions of your mind. You’ll try to focus and control these, to improve them, to head deeper towards transcendence.

Guided Meditation File 31 – BioProgramming – Evolution
Backing Music “The True World In Your Hands” By Snag the Sunshepherd
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