BioProgramming – Filters – The Trance State

Friday, July 11th, 2008 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

As a child, you took the word of your parents as truth. Without critical thinking, scepticism or cynicism, you simply heard their words and accepted them. Integrated them into your world model. You believed fantastic and impossible things, fairy tales and legends, purely on the word of your guardians.

This is an incredibly useful skill, evolutionarily speaking. Each generation can educate the next on the things it has learned, things which help our children in the race for survival. It enables us to build culture, amass more knowledge than a single individual could possibly discover in a lifetime.

However, if you always believed everything you heard you’d soon build up masses of confusing contradictions, not to mention fall prey to con artists and scammers everywhere. As you grow older you learn to avoid this by beginning to question the things you hear, building some credibility filters, always asking yourself “is this true?”

There are many well-known ways to fool those filters, which scammers and fraudsters and advertisers and politicians are adept at using: We lower our filters for people we think are authoritative, for people in white coats, for people who have gained our trust or even those who are merely familiar.

It’s immediately obvious why gaining greater conscious control over these filters is useful. You will be better able to spot scammers, avoid being manipulated. Not only this but you will also be able to lower those credibility filters when you’re making suggestions to yourself. Learn how to reprogram your own brain more efficiently.

The Trance State

Imagine that you have lowered your credibility filters, and with those filters lowered you are told that you are in a hypnotic trance. With no filters in place, with maximum suggestibility, you immediately believe that you in a trance.

You’ll of course begin to act as though you are in that state, along with whatever stereotypical behaviour you think is likely to go along with being ‘hypnotised’. Perhaps closing your eyes, or blinking slowly, or saying “yes master,” after every sentence. Whatever your particular experience has lead you to believe a hypnotic trance involves. In particular: heightened suggestibility. Lowering the filters still further.

This is why our meditations always start with a couple of minutes of deep relaxation, as you relax your muscles your credibility filters automatically relax too, allowing your suggestibility to improve. We build trust by suggesting that, for example, your breathing will slow down knowing that you will then slow your breathing.

The Second Thread

As you listen to the “Filters” meditation, try to focus on the second thread for a few turns. It will come mostly from the left speaker if your stereo is set up correctly. This one is slightly quieter than the first, and thus more difficult to concentrate on, it attempts to help you learn to raise and lower your credibility filters, paying particular attention to how it feels to have those filters set high or low.

As you listen you’ll be asked to try to recall that childlike suggestible state, and associate it with a key, a visual or audible cue to help you recall that state at any future time. You’ll then be asked to take note of how that feels before doing the same for the more sober, sceptical, questioning state. You’ll compare each a few times, learning to raise and lower those filters at will. Finally you’ll finish with the filters down, and suggest to yourself that you’ll improve your control over those filters while you sleep.