BioProgramming – Filters – External Distractions

Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

Last week we said that the two main types of intrusion which are the enemy of concentration are internal distractions, and external distractions. You learned how better to improve your abilities to resit internal distractions.

External distractions.

The first thing to notice about external distractions is that in a very real sense, they are the same thing as internal distractions. You are not actually being distracted by that noisy road-building outside. The kid’s beeping phone on the bus doesn’t actually intrude on your reading. The only thing your mind can really experience is your internal state, your brain’s representation of that road-drill or tinny mobile-phone pop-song.

This knowledge should make it easier to see how you can just ‘turn down’ the volume, the importance, of those external distractions.

When you dismiss your worry that you’ve left the gas oven on, it’s easy to see how you are in control of the source of that worry. But when you try to dismiss the violently annoying conversation taking place too near you in the room, it’s less obvious that this distraction is also in your mind. The conversation no doubt exists, but your internal representation of that conversation is under your direct control. Human beings are able to turn these things down. You can turn these things down.

Each time your are suffering from external distractions, treat it as a welcome opportunity to practice ignoring it. Then, let the distraction fade away. Use the same skill you used with internal distractions, just refocus on the target and let the distraction slip away. Try to encourage that same feeling in your mind. Recreate it.

The “Filters” meditation

You have already listened to the first thread, and that thread is essentially about learning to ignore all the other threads in the meditation. Listen to it again, paying particular attention to how the ignored threads reduce in volume, how they fade away out of your conciousness.

Try to learn to turn down the volume of the other threads in the meditation, and to notice how it feels to do so, to associate that feeling with the mental key you use for ‘concentration’ for help with easy recall and to generally improve your reflexes at dismissing external distractions

Guided Meditation File 6 – BioProgramming – Filters
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