Ethics – Love – Love Thyself

Friday, September 19th, 2008 at 8:00 am.
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This month we have discussed what love means, how to train your brain to love more, and why it’s useful to love the world in general. This week we will discuss why and how it’s useful to love yourself.

The most obvious reason to spend time trying to train your brain into loving yourself is that you spend a lot of time with yourself. Pretty much all of it. If your own presence can be a trigger to put your mind into a more loving state, you’ll be in that more loving state more often. This, of course, will help you to find all the advantages that we discussed when asking why loving the world was useful.

Since it’s only right and natural that you’ll think about yourself more than any other being, as we mentioned you’ll be with yourself more than any other being, you will certainly find yourself happier and in a more positive frame of mind if you love the object of your concentration. You know that poor self esteem can lead to eating disorders, depression, trouble with relationships, underachievement and problematic drug and alcohol use. Loving yourself more will help avoid these dead-ends and make you happier

As you begin to love yourself more you’ll more you’ll find you experience an increasingly positive mental attitude, perhaps begin to be more optimistic. You have seen that all people live as much in a psychological world as a physical one. Your successes, your inspirations, your ideas and your failures, are influenced greatly by your expectation. Optimists go and try things while pessimists don’t try since they expect failure. As your love for yourself is growing, so your expectation of success will grow.

Which brings us to the social networking effects of loving yourself, of auto-agapÄ“. People are pretty good judges of what someone thinks of themselves, their status, their position in the social hierarchy. As your auto-agapÄ“ grows you will be less likely to judge yourself unworthy, and people will in general trust the impression of that judgement which you automatically project. They will trust the opinion of others who have made such a judgement. Your self-worth leaks out through the social atmosphere into other people, and when you begin to judge yourself more worthy of love you’ll project that, and others will subconsciously agree

You will also find that as your love for yourself is growing, you’ll be more forgiving of the mistakes you do make. Less harsh a critic on yourself which will have positive-feedback results in all the above effects. With less harsh judgement of yourself others will have less harsh judgement of you.


When listening to the Guided Meditation this month, pay particular attention to the first few minutes, when you’re asked to project the love from your heart inwards and around our own body and mind. If you particularly want to concentrate on building self esteem and loving yourself more, project that love inwards at yourself on each of the subsequent occasions rather than allowing it to grow outwards to an ever greater array of objects as the meditation suggests. Be sure that you still feel it growing, and shining out from your body, but concentrate on the visualisation of the growth of that symbolic power within yourself rather than outside.

Guided Meditation File 8 – Ethics – Love
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