Book And CD Package Now Available!

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week we’re delaying the begining of our second lap around the Transcendence Spiral. This time around we’re changing the publishing schedule. Instead of putting the mp3 at the beginning of each month, we’ll be moving it to the end of each month. So we can explain what the meditation will be about before you get to listen to it.

Since this is a five Friday month, we can get to that next week and in the mean time we’re going to celebrate and to SELL-ebrabe. For the first time in the Transcendence Institute’s short history, you can give us money! Well, in fact, you’ve been able to give us money all along but now you can give us money and get something in return!

That’s right, from today we have made available a Book and accompanying set of two CDs which will let you take a cleaned-up and edited version of the first lap we’ve made around the spiral away from the internet. You can listen to our meditations anywhere there’s a CD player. You can re-read our words wherever there’s light enough to illuminate a page.

You’ll notice the Buy Our Books page has appeared on the navigation menu. Buy early! Buy often! Buy some for your friends! Buy some for strangers, hand them out on street-corners! Buy some just to throw in the canal! Just BUY!

Least you think this is just a grab for money (it’s only mostly a grab for money) you’ll find that the CDs and the Book are Creative Commons licensed. The contain remains available on this site. The CD tracks are still available from the files page. The original articles are also available there too (though the book has received some additional editing). Please feel free to copy any of these things and give them to your friends, sell them, mash them up or refine them. Just so long as you give that same right to anyone you give that stuff to.

The CDs contain the first eight of our guided meditations, four per disk, and the book contains a cleaned up and edited version of the text from all the articles describing and annotating those meditations. The articles we’ve posted here over the last eight months.

Next week we’ll continue with the beginning of the second lap around the spiral, looking at Body Awareness, we hope you’ll forgive a sales pitch this week.