Lap Two Summary; Second Book And CD Published!

Friday, May 29th, 2009 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This lap around the spiral, as well as concentrating on a range of skills from the Transcendence Spiral, you have been concentrating on your body awareness, on your posture and stance and gait. If you’ve practised each of the meditations even just a handful of times each you’ll have done the exercises described in Body Awareness forty or more times already. This should certainly have been enough for you to have noticed changes in the way your muscles sit, improvement in your balance, kinaesthetic senses, and awareness of your posture. You probably find yourself noticing and correcting your slouch quite often.

You’ll have also been attempting to improve your Self Awareness. To refine and improve your image of yourself, and indeed the image you project into other people’s mind. You should have improved your self confidence, understanding in more detail exactly how these things are produced and stored in your mind.

Speaking of storing something in your mind, if you have been practising the meditation often then your ability to keep memories stored will have sky-rocketed. You’ll be refreshing your memories often to keep them from fading, reliving the important events in your life to keep them fresh in your mind.

More subjectively, your sentience, will have been improving. Our meditation will have helped you to improve your gut-level keen understanding, give you a more thorough grasp of the way your own mind works. Raising your consciousness so that you’re always aware not only of your senses, and your thoughts and reactions to those senses, but also your thoughts and reactions to those thoughts. This is a long path to follow, but you should at least see the way forward by now, start to see not only that you’re thinking but why and how you’re thinking it.

Your intuitions about your intuition should be both more explicit and more reliable. You’ll understand why you may suddenly just get a feeling about something, and know to look for what evidence may have helped form that idea in your mind. You’ll have improved your feeling on how to judge the accuracy of your intuition. And hopefully tried to test it more.

All these things, and more, will have contributed to improving your Self Programming abilities. You should have noticed self-defeating verbal ticks, and be well on the way to abolishing them from your vocabulary. You’ll be more aware of the effects of advertising, persuasion and argument on your judgement, and hopefully using those same techniques try bend your mind to your own advantage.

You will have begun to become more aware of your own Social Signalling, to notice in social situations exactly what signals you’re giving out, to learn to direct more of your consciousness at those signals, to be more in control of them, to understand their meaning in more detail, more gut-level thoroughly.

Finally you’ll now understand the word Karma, and why your social emotions evolved to increase the amount of karma in society. You’ll be more keenly aware of those social emotions, and consciously be striving to increase their power to improve your own ethics.

We hope you’ll find that improvement has been significant, and that you’ll continue to practice the meditations, and continue to read the Transcendence Institute for the third lap around the spiral, when we’re concentrating on dreams.

Indeed, before we start the next lap, we’re going to take a month to consider dreams, what they are, how they can help us, ready for that next lap.

New Book And CD Available

We are proud to announce the second volume of the Transcendence Spiral is now available in paperback book and CD format from our books page. Summarising the excercises and meditations from this second lap around the spiral, the book and accompanying CDs are polished up versions of the text you’ve already read here on the web. If you’ve found it helpful, consider buying it as a gift for a friend!