Awareness – Reality Modelling – The Meditation

Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 8:00 am.
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We present a waking-up-meditation designed to be played, fairly quietly, ten minutes before an alarm clock. The meditation is devised to influence your dreams, to infiltrate your dreams. It’s more a guided lucid-dream than a meditation. It will encourage you to become more aware, during waking life, of the fact that the world you experience, your senses and thoughts and models of the world are not in fact the same thing as the world itself.

Realising You Are Dreaming

For the first minute of the meditation, as it fades up slowly into audibility, the meditation contains quiet suggestion, ensuring that you remain asleep, remain in slumber, as you gradually become aware that you’re dreaming. The slow start is contrived to help this transition, to bring you slowly from the full dream state into a lucid dream state.

If you find that you are waking fully, try to just remember the dream you were in and fantasize that you’re still there, doing as the meditation suggests. Then, the next morning, try setting the meditation to start ten minutes earlier. Experiment to find the time when you are most fully immersed in dreams, and thus most likely to remain in them as you become aware of outside noise and suggestion.

Reality Check

The next few minutes encourage you to check your internal model’s consistency. You’re encouraged to try the kinds of tests it suggests later, when you are awake, too. These tests can give the clues needed to jolt a brain into the realisation that it is dreaming, that the world isn’t consistent, and it’s therefore likely you are dreaming.

During this time you’ll also spend time thinking about the fact that this experience is almost pure model, that the things you are seeing, the things you are imagining, are one and the same. You’ll ponder the fact that this is true while you’re awake too, merely that when you’re awake your model is constrained by your sense perception.

Checking Mistakes

The next few minutes of the meditation will try to teach you the habit of questioning yourself, and your perception, often. Check you understanding of the world. Both during the dream, now, and during waking life.

You’ll remind yourself that your experience of things is not the things themselves. That simply because you ‘see’ something, doesn’t mean it’s there. You’ll try to look at things, in detail, that aren’t there and are only in your dream.

You’ll remember that the other minds in your dream are no minds at all, that they are entirely built from your brain. Their anger, sloth, radicalism or insanity is in your mind, not theirs, for they have no mind. You’ll be reminded to apply this when awake too.

You’ll note that your idea, your perception of some thing in your dream, is of that thing as you remember it, not as it is now. You’ll also hear suggestions that you’ll remember this fact about the things in your actual experience, while you are awake.

Cognitive Errors

For the final few minutes of the meditation you’ll concentrate on cognitive errors. You’ll be reminded that the world is Null-A, Null-I and Null-E, that it’s not black and white, no two things are the same and the space you experience is not the same as the space that exists.

Meta Model

The final portion of this guided lucid dream deals with the Meta Model discussed last week. You’ll examine you assumptions about causality, your assumptions about how similar two alike things actually are, your assumptions about the intent and reason of other people, the “who, where, why, what, and when,” of life. You’ll spend these few minutes of dream time narrowing down the ambiguity of language, focusing your attention on the difference between the dream model you are living in and the actual world which physically exists.

Dreams affecting reality

All this should tend to make you ask these questions of yourself automatically, in real waking life, and thus to become more aware of the difference between your model of reality, and reality itself.

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Guided Meditation File 18 – Awareness – Reality Modeling
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