Memory – Recall – The Meditation

Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week the Transcendence Institute presents a guided lucid dream intended to improve dream recall and to help you use your lucid dream to explore the details of something thought forgotten.

As with the other guided lucid dreams we’re presenting during this third lap around the spiral, it’s designed to be listened to as an alarm set for ten minutes before you must get out of bed.

It will start quietly, spending a couple of minutes getting gradually louder, giving suggestions that we hope you’ll recognise in your sleep, bringing you to consciousness in your dream without waking you up.

In order to improve dream recall, the next two minutes will be spent suggesting that you go over the content of the dream in which you have come to consciousness. Spend a minute recalling the adventure so far, summarising and driving those events deeper into memory.

The next four minutes or so of the lucid dream will be spent helping to recall some detail of things you may have thought forgotten. Before you sleep you’ll ideally have selected something. The location of some lost keys perhaps, or the detail of the face of an old lover. If not some urgently needed memory then presumably something you’d like to reminisce on, relive in your dream.

In the dream, you’ll bring this memory to mind, undistracted by input from your main sense systems. You’ll stare at, play with, manipulate and remember this memory in order to recall it when you wake.

Finally, for the last two minutes you’ll go over the content of the entire dream again, before being told to wake up and write it down. Writing it down is important. In the time immediately after waking your dreams are usually erased unless they’re recorded, and concentrated on.

Download The Meditation:

Guided Meditation File 19 – Memory – Recall
Backing Music “Distorted Reality” By Zero Project
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