Consciousness – Somatic Control – The Meditation

Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week we present a guided meditation, a guided lucid dream really, designed to improve your control over your health and well-being. You will use your dreams to push your body towards a more healthy, energetic and fit state.

You will learn to intuitively understand the neuro-somatic connection between mind and body, to understand how the connection works, and to begin to manipulate it at will to reduce pain, boost your immune system and feel more alive.

You will also dream about putting others, those people around you, into happy, healthy states of mind, encouraging their expectation that they’ll feel well and so improving the placebo effect in them too.


If you are sick then go to a doctor. Neuro-somatic control can do no more than your own immune system can do. It is not as effective as modern antibiotics. It’s not as effective as blood transfusions and dialysis machines and keyhole surgical operations and chemotherapy and radiotherepy and laser surgery.

Modern science has extended the average lifetime by nearly twice as much as before the development of proper health care, where millennia of placebo medicine helped little. If you feel unwell go and see a doctor, take his or her advice, any medicine they hand out, and then meditate after you get back.

A transcended person isn’t one that needs no medicine, or can rely on herself. She’s one who knows when to seek help, and takes whatever help she can get. Including all the range of things modern science and medicine can provide.

The Meditation

As with all the meditations during this lap, this week’s meditation is designed to be started ten minutes or so before you have to awaken. It starts slowly and quietly, gradually bringing you into the realization that you’re dreaming, that you can control your dream.

For the next few minutes you’ll dream that you are fitter, stronger, more powerful, healthier. This will help your brain state to move towards these moods, these feelings.

You’ll dream that you can control your immune system directly, seeing each step in the chain of causation as your mere thoughts and expectations effect the control of disease and ill heath in your body, pushing out infection and affliction, encouraging growth and health.

You’ll dream that you can see the effects of those thoughts, the changes to your endocrine system, the hormones released on demand by glands stimulated by the neruons of your mind, energizing your immune system, building muscle, reducing fat, generally becoming more fit and healthy.

You’ll dream that you influence others around you, learning to reassure and comfort them, activating their own neuro-somatic processes, positively affecting the health and wellbeing of those around you.

The meditation also, of course, includes many suggestions that you’ll also practice these skills, this visualization, during wakefulness. Learning to control the neruo-somatic interface.

Download The Meditation:

Guided Meditation File 20 – Consciousness – Somatic Control
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