Body – Control – The Meditation

Friday, October 30th, 2009 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This week we present a guided meditation, a guided lucid dream really, designed to encourage you to become more in control of your body, of it’s muscles and shape and posture. As usual this lap around the spiral, it’s to be listened to during sleep, ideally infiltrating your dreams, starting around ten minutes before you need your alarm to go off in the morning.

As usual the first minute or so will slowly fade in, getting you used to the fact that you’re both conscious and dreaming, allowing you to become accustomed to the lucid state, to wake without waking.

You’ll then be asked to dream about how “It is the mind itself which builds the body,” how signals from your brain, your consciousness, can affect the way you stand, the way you move, the way your muscles flex and stretch and thus the way they burn energy, grow and shape your body.

You’ll dream that you are changing the way you move, your gait and posture, giving your practice and predisposition to move move gracefully, building patterns of movement into your brain, practising both during the dream, and during waking life.

You’ll even try impossible movements. Bending and stretching and moving your body in ways which are only viable in the dream world, learning how your body responds to those movements, the signals that you’d need your brain to send to your muscles if you were to perform in waking life. This should help you to understand, on a gut-instinct pre-conscious level, how patterns of muscle movement fit together, even beyond normal tolerances.

Finally, for the latter half of the dream, you’ll slowly become more and more active. Feeling your muscles working more and more and paying attention to how they feel as you move through the various excercise zones, the Resting Zone, the Efficient Zone, The Aerobic Zone, The Anaerobic Zone, and the Red Zone, even beyond.

You’ll pay attention to those muscles, learning how they react, how they send signals back to your consciousness, from pleasure through to work and finally screaming with almost-pain, telling you to stop.

Of course, we would advise spending some time in real life trying this too, learning how your muscles feel as you work them harder and harder, in order to give your internal model some good idea how things should work in your dream.

At the end of the dream you’ll look back at what you’ve learned before coming to full consciousness, taking notes, and getting on with your day.

Guided Meditation File 21 – Body -Control
Backing Music “Follow Your Heart” By Kave
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