Cognition – Reason – Dream Reason

Friday, November 27th, 2009 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

It’s the end of the month so, as usual, we have a new guided meditation for you. We continue the theme, this lap, of designing our meditation to be performed from within a lucid dream. You should set it as an alarm-clock to start ten minutes or so before you have to get up, and with luck it’ll wake you just enough to realize what’s happening without breaking the dream state.

In this lucid dream you will visualize how information flow around the world has helped to build the “echo of the universe” inside your brain and how that same information flowing around in your mind is producing the dream experience.

You’ll ponder, in your dream, how the information from your experience circulates around your mind, through your memory, through learning to categorise etc. to create the echo of the universe that you live in, especially when dreaming. You’ll see how those systems feed-back into each other to produce your ability to reason, to build this dream world.

You’ll also see how the sapient mental skills of language, logic, maths, learning and empiricism effect your dream as you experience it.

Then you’ll see how your interaction with the world effects the flow of information in your mind through that very interaction. You’ll dream you’re using some common physical aids to reason: Pen and paper, computers, calculators. You’ll see how the data you provide to the universe through your interaction through it can help to build and refine your reasoning powers.

One of the most common physical aids to reason is of course other people, you’ll dream that you can see how the information flow between two people, even whole groups. You’ll see how their interactions with each other, the language they use, can boots reason even further.

Finally, you’ll be encouraged to be excited by the discoveries you are making, to want to refine your model further, to want to get out there into the real world and improve your reason.

Then, of course, you’ll wake up and do just that.

Guided Meditation File 22 – Cognition – Reason
Backing Music “June Seven” By Bert Jerred
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