Every day, you experience things. Mostly random things, happenstance and luck and one-off fluke occurrences. The people at the bus stop, the chance meeting in a bar, the drivers you interact with on the way to work, the normal events of a day. Each of these things affects your mind, changes it, alters the way you react to the experiences that come after it. From each of these things you learn. Over the course of your life, these things build much of your personality. They affect who you are.

Some of the experiences you have each day are deliberately designed to influence you. Peer pressure from your friends, detailed instructions from your boss, a convincing political argument. Mathematical proofs. Advertising, our whole culture is steeped in advertising. Newspaper editorials and public service broadcasts. You’re subjected to a constant stream of things designed to change your mind, to affect the way you think.

Yet how often do you seek out experiences to deliberately change your own mind? Do you spend as much time encouraging yourself to be bright and alert, wise and loving, thinking and conscious as you do allowing McDonnald’s to try to convince you to eat their burgers?

Take control of your own consciousness

Surely this balance is out of kilter? Surely the person affecting and influencing your mind the most should be you. For every advert you see encouraging you to eat, you deliberately make one encouraging you to build the body you desire. For every person telling you to do what they consider the right thing, you should tell yourself to do what you consider to be the right thing. For every politician or boss trying to keep you meek and subordinate you should be spending time convincing yourself to be powerful and in control.


When you learn to take control of the influences over your life, to mould yourself to your desire rather than allowing yourself to be bent and twisted by random chance and deliberate interference, you will climb above the random personality you’ve found yourself in and into a stronger, more willed existence. You’ll transcend your arbitrarily assigned role and learn to build your own destiny.

The Institute

The Transcendence Institute will help you to understand the influences upon on you, to use that understanding to begin to influence yourself, in time to build those skills to better enable you to program your own mind, and in doing so to program that mind to more easily influence itself.

We will give you the tools to improve your awareness, expand your consciousness, extend your cognitive abilities, better utilize your memory, take control of your appetites and habits, transform your body, improve your social skills, expand your emotional and physical control. In short, to transcend above happenstance and animal reflex and build a better, more deliberate, more conscious you.


You’ll spend a few minutes, whenever you can, deliberately steering your own mind, your personality. By learning to pay close attention, to concentrate fully on your own thoughts, emotions, senses and actions, you’ll learn to manipulate them.

Each month we produce a guided meditation designed to use neuro-linguistic programming, practice, hypnosis, understanding and suggestion to help you improve one of your mental skills. As each of those skills improves, it will make it easier to improve the others. Gradually, you’ll learn better control over your own mind, your own destiny.


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