Transcendence – Continuing The Quest

Friday, December 17th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

As the review last week likely showed, you have expanded your mind considerably over the last few years, become more aware, improved your memory, your consciousness, your body control and awareness, you very ability to think cognitively, to successfully engage with others around you, to treat them ethically and to program your mind to improve these skills still further.

We end the Transcendence Institute’s review of the Transcendence Spiral next week, but of course we’ve shown you only a glimpse of how much more transcended you can become. There is no peak to Transcendence Mountain. Even as our course comes to an end you see better than ever that there is no end to the quest itself.

So where do you go from here?

Firstly, you can always go back and repeat any of the more than thirty meditations you have already done. Concentrate on areas where you feel deficient, where you think you have the most to gain. If that seems not to be working, concentrate instead on the primary things which you think support that skill. For example, body awareness can be increased not only with the body-awareness meditation but also with the general awareness meditation which supports it.

Try to spend at least ten minutes every day going over one of the meditations. Once you’ve done them enough times you may find that you remember them well enough to practise without the backing track. This in invaluable, for often when you have a ten minute break you won’t have access to the physical media or digital files to play the sound track itself. If you are waiting for a bus, or lying in bed waiting for sleep, or just waking up, or walking to work, think of it as an opportunity to go over your loci memory map, or to concentrate on your awareness of your surroundings for a short while.

But these meditations are all very general-purpose beginners level mind exercises. As your bio-programming skills continue to improve, you’ll come to understand your own mind more thoroughly, and need to tailor your process to progress to your own individual mind. Every person is different, every brain different. Each person has their own particular Transcendence Mountain. The only person who can fully explore it, find new routes upwards, turn that spiral tighter and tighter, bind the skills more closely together, is you.

You should begin to constantly examine your own mind, to look for flaws and find ways to correct them through visualisation, practise, suggestion and even self-hypnosis. As your self-awareness and bio-programming skills increase you’ll find you’re able to sit down and make a plan to use these techniques to bend the shape of your own mind.

Initially you may need to record these plans as audio tracks to remind you exactly what images, mantras, tasks and questions you plan to go through. Feel free to use the backing tracks from any of the Transcendence Institute’s meditations to shape your own. Each one is supplied with an empty backing track, without vocals, for you to record your own mediations over. Playing them to remind you and keep you on track as you meditate.

Eventually though, as your self control, imagination, memory and concentration improve, you’ll be able to just sit for a while, plan what to do and then do it. You may even eventually be able to spot ways to improve and then simply begin the meditative process. Transcended enough to plan your mental actions as you go, both performing and inventing the meditation at once.

The most important thing is to keep practising for any skills which fall out of use will begin to deteriorate. The human mind is a wonderful learning tool, but it can learn inaction, laziness and lackadaisicalness just as easily as it can learn how to be more aware or alert.

We wish you good luck with this process, it’ll be a never-ending task, but the rewards both mental and physical will continue to urge you onwards, for each and every step up Transcendence Mountain you make will bring you greater control over your mind and your life. It’ll bring you greater tranquillity and happiness through emotional control, bring you deeper relationships and more friends through your social and ethical skills, help you understand what you want to do in life as your self awareness grows and improve your ability to actually do those things as your concentration, cognition and memory improve too.

As a parting gift next week we’ll bring you our final Transcendence Spiral meditation, encouraging you to do all these things, to feel the rewards, to strive to further improve yourself and integrate all your skills towards transcendence.