Transcendence – The Final Meditation

Saturday, December 25th, 2010 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

Today, our trip around the Transcendence Spiral, our course of learning and meditation, comes to an end. From here on out, you’ll need to be finding your own way around your own mind. Learning to understand your self, to lead yourself, to seek out your own paths up Transcendence Mountain.

To help with this, we present our parting gift to you: our final meditation designed to encourage you and teach you how to go about finding your own path, feeling the rewards of doing so and thus increasing the likelihood that you’ll continue. This meditation is designed to help you examine each of the eight main Transcendence Spiral skills, practise them, see if they are lacking, and perhaps think of ways to improve them.

The meditation can be listened to at any time, at any place, walking or dreaming or exercising or falling asleep, so long as you follow the instructions and think as it asks you’ll find yourself practising the Spiral Skills, learning to grasp your own relative strengths in each, and resolving to work on your weakest.

You’ll spend a minute or so, as usual, relaxing into a deeply meditative and suggestive state, relaxing your body to allow your mind to follow. Then you’ll spend around a minute or so in each of the eight major skill groups, practising that skill, observing your abilities, wondering how best you could improve.

First you’ll look hard around you at the things in your world. Pay attention to your awareness, your awareness of your perceptions, of yourself, and how your hallucination of the world differs from the real universe. You’ll consider this for a moment, trying to see where you can improve.

The next minute you’ll think on your memory, scan quickly over your loki maps, recall occasions in which you used those maps, or chunking skills, and ponder new ways to improve your memory still further.

Then you’ll practise your consciousness. Your sentience, self possession and control, thinking about your immune system and looking again for ways to improve.

You’ll spend a minute paying attention to your body, your kinestetic senses and balance, your control over your muscles and your shape and your diet.

You’ll also ponder cognition, your imagination and powers of reason. Your ability to see a logical deduction and to imagine an intuitive solution. You’ll recall examples of you using these skills, or else think of ways to seek them out.

You’ll spend a minute thinking about bio-programming, how well you’ve been learning to control your own mind, filtering the relevent information, seeking out the right imaginative stimulus, influencing, encouraging and helping others. Again, you’ll ponder times when this has happened and resolve to look out for more, and to find ways to improve.

You’ll also consider your set of friends and recent interactions with them and strangers. You’ll ponder your social skills for a minute, your ability to read body language, and to project the desired image. You’ll think about the language you use, finding ways to become more expressive, more interesting to hear.

You’ll think about your ethics, scanning your recent history for evidence of either improvement or need for improvement in your ethical judgements. Consider your love for your friends, and seek ways to make it burn brighter. You’ll look for ways to increase the karma of those around you, and to feel empathy for everyone your meet.

Finally, you’ll spend a minute thinking about how all these skills interact, how they feed upon each other, driving your further up the Transcendence Mountain, closer to transcendence.

Guided Meditation File 34 – Integration – Transcendence
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