Bio-Programming – Influence – The Meditation

Friday, December 25th, 2009 at 8:00 am.
by pre.

This month’s guided meditation is once again designed to be used in that hypnogogic lucid dream state first thing in the morning, to be set as an alarm clock to slowly and gently bring you to sleeping consciousness, to a full lucid dream.

The first minute or so, as usual, will slowly fade to an audible volume, smoothly helping you to notice that you are dreaming, and that you can take control of your dream, become fully lucid yet remaining asleep.

Remembering that the way to influence another is through syncing your emotional responses, putting you both into a common frame of mind, a common echo of the universe, you will then begin practising the skill of achieving that shared bond. Of course, since you are dreaming, it should be relatively easy to achieve this shared state of mind with anyone in your dream since they are, in fact, already sharing your mind. They are created by your mind within the dream. However, your brain is complex enough to simulate the experience fairly well. You’ll be encouraged to note how it feels to be slowly moving into that duel consciousness, the state in which you can be most easily influenced, and in which you can influence in return.

You’ll take special note of the emotional impressions formed as you grow towards a state of rapport, as the dream is filled with suggestions that you will become better at this task, that you’ll practice is more often and achieve better results in the waking world.

After a few minutes, when you have slipped into a state of shared conscious, you will begin to lead your dream partner, to tell the stories which have led you into your own personal view, to share the emotional experiences that those events had on you, to try and get them to share those emotional experiences and so affect their brain in the same ways that yours has been affected. Always remembering to check, to see that the rapport hasn’t broken and that your dream partner is in fact following you into these new emotional territories.

This section of the dream, too, is loaded with suggestions that you are becoming more skilled, more advanced, more transcended. That you will be able to perform this task more skilfully during the day after you have awoken.

Finally, you’ll spend a minute or two constructing an argument, breaking your claims down into premises backed by warrants, and learning to load these claims with emotional connections which reinforce the connections you have already given through your rapport with your dream partner.

You’ll fix these feelings, the way it feels from the inside to build a connection with another person, into your mind ready to ponder them once you awake.

Hopefully, once you awake, you’ll ponder those feelings as you do your morning ablutions, as you prepare for the day ahead.

Guided Meditation File 23 – Bio-Programming – Influence
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